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Have you noticed your air conditioner making noise? If old air conditioning systems are neglected, they will develop more and more problems. If you’re looking for different problems that might happen with your air conditioning, check out our blog about common AC repairs here. Systems sometimes have a way of letting homeowners know there’s a problem, and one way is by loud noise. Below are five noises you don’t want to hear. If you hear these noises, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Sullivan Heating & Cooling. We have heard every sound an air conditioning system can make and can help determine what the culprit is! 

Here are 5 noises your air conditioning could be making:

1. Clanging, Rattling, and Banging
2. Screeching and Squealing
3. Hissing
4. Clicking
5. Buzzing

1. Clanging, Rattling, and Banging

Clanging and rattling noises are a sign that a loose part is hitting another part. For example, the compressor or blower unit. These loose parts will eventually disconnect, which will create an even more loud banging noise. It can sound like someone is shaking keys inside your AC! 

2. Screeching and Squealing

A slight squeaking sound could be caused by a dirty fan blade or a part needing lubrication. More intense screeching or squealing sounds often signify a malfunctioning fan motor, blower motor, or compressor. When fan belts are worn, they also tend to squeal.

fan motor


3. Hissing

green refrigerant tank on ground

Hissing could mean that a vent is leaking. Although this is not a huge problem, it will cause the AC system to work harder and longer. This will cause your system’s life span to go down while your power bill goes up. A more high-pitched screaming could mean a refrigerant leak, which is a more serious issue.

4. Clicking

If you notice your air conditioner making noise when it turns on and off, that’s totally normal. But if your system clicks constantly, it could be due to an electrical problem or failing thermostat.

5. Buzzing

Buzzing can be from an array of issues from loose parts to unbalanced fan blades to a failing blower unit. It can also be an easy fix, such as a dirty air filter.  Debris on the condenser coil could also cause buzzing and even cause your unit to blow out lukewarm air. Make sure you are adequately checking and changing your AC filter. If you’re looking for a routine maintenance plan, consider one of our maintenance plans to keep your AC filter changed at the right time! 

dirty air filter

If you’re concerned about your air conditioner making noise, Sullivan Heating & Cooling can help. We’ve been fixing AC units throughout Bremerton and the surrounding areas since 1994. We provide a range of HVAC services from maintenance to installing a brand new system (that won’t make these noises). Call Sullivan Heating & Cooling today, or fill out our form to be contacted immediately and one of our technicians can determine what the noise is coming from your air conditioning! 


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