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We offer a full range of cooling products designed to create a comfortable living environment for you while maximizing efficiency.

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Whatever your home, lifestyle, and budget we can create a solution to help you enjoy the perfect balance between energy savings and staying comfortable. Our brands have been chosen because of the high degree of confidence we have in them as industry leaders. Their products are tried and true and give our customers the assurance they’ll receive high quality, innovative products with the latest in technological advances.

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With air conditioners, one size does not fit all. It is important to consider:

Cooling Capacity
Energy Efficiency
Air Quality
Humidity Regulation
Installation Requirements Unique to Your Home
Your Comfort Consultant will explain what these terms mean and help you identify which equipment will best suit your needs.

Why Choose Sullivan Heating & Cooling to Install Your New Air Conditioning System?

Our #InstallitRight Reputation

Before your Comfort Crew installation team even arrive at your home, each install is previewed by an experienced field supervisor for the fit and function of your equipment. We take the time to perform load calculations, a step other contractors sometimes skip. Industry standards and best practices are taken into account to assure the best possible outcome. We do our best to head off challenges before they have a chance to happen. It’s how we make sure the job is done right the first time. If a problem does occur, rest assured that we have a process in place to remedy any concerns quickly and appropriately.

We'll Listen and Make It Easy

Your home is unique and your desires may be unique too. Some jobs are more challenging than others and require thinking outside the box. We’ll listen to clearly define your expectations and give you options so you can choose the right system for you. You’ll never feel pressure. Your 3 day right to cancel will be explained, and it won’t delay the job. We will apply for and procure all necessary permits and post required stickers, as well as provide you with details for scheduling the inspection at a time convenient for you.

We'll Call You to Check In

We make it a priority to ensure your complete satisfaction. At the end of your installation, we’ll call you later that day just to make sure everything went as expected.

Our High-Quality Air Conditioning Units

Split Systems
The most typical cooling and heating systems are split systems and commonly referred to as central air conditioning. They are comprised of an indoor unit for heating and an outdoor unit for cooling.
Hybrid Systems
A hybrid system combines an indoor furnace with an outdoor heat pump which also serves as a central air conditioner. The heat pump supports both cooling and heating allowing the indoor gas furnace to be a backup source of heat. It’s an energy-efficient and cost-effective way to cool and heat your home.
Ductless Systems
Ductless systems can be installed in places where conventional ducted systems cannot go or are an ideal complement to your home’s current ducted system. They can function as an air conditioner for cooling only or as a heat pump for both cooling and heating.
repair HVAC
Cooling Systems come in different types which affect the efficiency, comfort level, and noise level of a system.
A single-stage unit means its operating speed is either on or off.
A Two-stage unit means it operates on either high or low. The low setting is adequate to meet most household cooling demands about 80% of the time, providing even temperatures. On hotter days, it can leverage the high level of operation to maintain comfort levels. Two-stage systems are typically quieter and more efficient than a single-stage unit.
A Multi-stage unit has a range of operation and therefore the most precise temperature control and best comfort. These variable speed units are the quietest and offer the most energy savings.

Sullivan Heating & Cooling believes your comfort should never be compromised. Over the years, we’ve finessed our delivery of HVAC products and services to a unique level of service we’ve become known for: #FixitFast #InstallitRight
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Choosing between an Air Conditioner and a Heat Pump
Upfront cost

While an AC might have a lower upfront cost, there may be energy-savings available when heating with a heat pump. When considering cost, it is important to understand the total costs to install a system that can both heat and cool your home properly. Your Sullivan Heating Consultant can help determine all of the costs involved.

Energy efficiency/cost of operation

Heat pump systems provides energy-efficient heating using electricity, so when the temperature is moderately cold outdoors, they can be less costly to operate compared to systems that use more expensive fuel sources such as natural gas, oil, or propane.  As temperatures drop below freezing, the heat pump requires more energy to maintain comfort inside, reducing efficiency and increasing your electric bill.  This problem is solved by pairing a heat pump with a furnace, thus creating a Hybrid Heat system. However, due to the higher initial cost for the heat pump unit, a hybrid system may be more expensive than a more commonly paired system of an air conditioner and furnace.

The energy efficiency rating for both air conditioners and heat pumps when in cooling mode is expressed as SEER ratings. The efficiency of a heat pump when in heat mode is expressed as HSPF.  The higher the rating for SEER or HSPF, the more efficient the unit.   However, the energy efficiency and cost to operate really comes down to location.  In areas with more moderate temperatures, a heat pump is a better option for efficient heating than in places that have very cold winter temperatures.

Life expectancy

While the longevity of an HVAC system is determined by several variables, AC units typically last longer than heat pumps.  Because heat pumps both heat and cools a home, they are used year-round.  Air conditioners get a rest during cooler months when a separate heat source is used to heat the home.  However, even though a heat pump may have a shorter life expectancy, that can be offset by its ability to deliver efficient, money-saving heating during milder winter weather.  The life expectancy of your heat pump or air conditioning system can be maximized and kept running at its maximum energy efficiency by having the expert technicians at Sullvian Heating maintain your system regularly.   Comfort Club members never have to think about it!

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Read our real customer reviews below!

Andrew Angle
Andrew Angle
Just a quick not to tell you what terrific service I received today.Donnie & Tyler arrived as scheduled on time and did an excellent job of adding the two supply air ducts as quoted.Donnie had done a previous job a few years ago so was familiar with our property.Please pass on to management/owners that they have amazing people working for them!
Tony Spivack
Tony Spivack
Wonderful company
Caroline Rivers
Caroline Rivers
Matty Jack
Matty Jack
I have always been happy with the service at Sullivan.They took care of my old furnace for the past twenty years and I recently purchased a new unit from them. Customer service reps and technicians are all friendly and courteous.
Sue Burke
Sue Burke
Sullivan was great from the first moment when we sat down to pick out our system. We chose a top of the line unit and after it was installed I asked them when they were going to turn it on. They said, "It's on", but it was so quiet I didn't hear it come on. The system's like a great waiter, invisible until needed and then at your service. The techs are all great too, knowledgeable and professional. Thanks, Sullivan! 😀
Cammie Enslow
Cammie Enslow
The Company was great every one was professional, polite and made the experience effortless.
Daniel Giles
Daniel Giles
WE have had Sullivan perform preventative maintenance service on our heat pump and furnace for the past 8 years. We have been very pleased with their service. Their technicians are friendly, courteous and professional and seem to be knowledgeable and well trained. Emergency service has been responsive and prompt. We would not use any other HVAC service company. WE have had contact with Mark, Steve, Dave and KIm.
d. paul matsenbaugh
d. paul matsenbaugh
Sullivan has serviced our heat pump, furnace, fireplaces & water heater for 17 yrs. Steve Ramoska & Pat Waldron are the best!!! Totally professional and great to work with.
Charles Michener
Charles Michener
Christina Malone
Christina Malone
I purchased the heating pump system from Sullivan several years ago and have had maintenance performed every six months since, the technicians are very thorough and always tell me how to ensure proper use of the system. Mark advised me about continuous use of the fan. He did a great job, I have also been pleased with Steve's service. Thank you Sullivan Heating, I will always recommend your company.
Louise Youngs
Louise Youngs
We were very happy with the great service provided by Sullivan's employees. The office staff was caring and friendly. They got us the earliest possible appointment for service. The service technician was prompt, knowledgeabie, experienced and professional. It was a pleasure to work with them and they will be our service provider from now on.
Sharon Felkey
Sharon Felkey
Their representative was courteous, informative, and answered every questions. The gentlemen who installed my furnace and heat pump also were able to answer questions, cleaned up and also showed me how to set my thermostat. Glad I used them and would recommend to everyone
Wendy Parmerlee
Wendy Parmerlee
they always come on time and do exactly what they say and even more they are wonderful...
Joyce Rudolph
Joyce Rudolph
Nate Thomas
Nate Thomas
Couldn't ask for a more professional, thorough and great to work with company. From top to bottom, the staff has your best interests at heart.I highly recommend them if you want your job done right the first time.
Tom Metzdorf
Tom Metzdorf


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